We are a group of passionate people who create high quality, high value products that can improve the lives of our customers and the planet.


    We created the first fully transportable
    washing line that folds away and truly fits into your life. Using years of engineering experience we have taken a traditional method of drying clothes and made it fit for the future. Our ethos and passion means we will continue to push boundaries and make products that help our customers in unique ways.


    We are a planet positive brand that is focused on doing what we can to find alternative ways of helping our customers drive sustainability. We know many small actions can lead to big changes.


    We believe in creating products for everyone, that's why we are building a diverse range that's accessible to as many people as possible. There is nowhere else you can get the same quality of product that's as simple to use and brings real life value in meaningful ways.


High and Dry was born from a place of authenticity - an Irish tradition and family business now brought to life by a group of colleagues and friends who want to make a difference.

We exist to provide an alternative to modern clothes drying techniques and shine a light back on a drying
method that's been used for hundreds of years. We've looked backwards to move forwards and provide
products that benefit our customers and the planet at large.

We bring value to our customers by creating stylish products that are simple to use, are manufactured
from quality materials and use innovation to breathe new life into the humble washing line. Put simply,
we want to be...



High & Dry is the World's leading manufacturer of mobile washing lines. What seems like a simple product to answer a simple problem is actually...
quite simple.

We're on a mission to breathe new life into how you dry your clothes,
save you money and allow you to be more climate conscious.

We know washing lines are ugly - that's why we've designed a stylish
one, made from premium materials that complements any back garden.
Ours are even fully mobile and fold-able so you don't ever have to look at
it if you don't want to. Hide it round the corner, move it behind a tree or
even just wheel it into the garage or shed when the rain starts.

It's all very simple.

In a world where it's all very static, we're moving forward. You could even
say we're a breath of fresh air.